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What is BOGO? Sounds like a music style, or a… disease, but in fact this word comes from the initials of a concept used in marketing by retailers: Buy One Get One free (F was abandoned because of a different sound perception).

These days, BOGO became a term used by merchants or service providers and searched very often by buyers. No matter the budget size in a household, looking for this kind of promotions for products or services is very desirable.

Like any good bargain, they usually don’t come easy; after all, the sellers needs to run a very profitable business, and giving one unit of profit for free, means of course to sell the unit at 50% off. But sometimes sacrifices need to be done, and apparently, selling at 50% off is better than not selling at all. In time this kind of promotions extended not only for products that are “not moving” from the shelves, but as well for the new products or services, to make them attractive for buyers, and after those products become known and they proved the quality, for sure next time, it will be sold at full price.

How the buyers get to know about these promotions:

  •  When you are in the store and browsing the aisles, and if you are not only focused on the list, you might be lucky to see it, and pretty often you won’t let it slip (first of all, it is very likely that you might needed at some point, but is it also possible that you get it and never use it, but at the moment, you know you found a bargain and you are happy.)
  •  They come by mail (most of the time in a big bulk, from home improving stores or providers of services to pharmaceutical products, all of them looking pretty scary of how much information contain and how less promotions)
  • They also came directly by a person who will stop you when you browse the store looking for nails, and you end up by listening how can you put a new carpet in two bedrooms for the price of one bedroom. Sometimes the direct approach is very successful, but time consuming for both parts: the seller and the potential buyer.
  • Last but not least, they come by ads on TV, Internet, and radio. They are catchy, they are repetitive and often they are pursued.

Buy one product (service) and get an identical one for free is a really good deal, no matter what kind of product or service is, as long as is consumable, needed, wanted, you got the product at half price. This promotion can go in a different way, you buy one product and get for free an other product related or a complementary one (for example: buy one cosmetic travel bag and… of course wouldn’t make much sense to offer an other one, so it would come with a shampoo).

In any way they come, buying something and getting a small present when you do so, is very tempting. Tempting – this sounds for many ears, like something not really good, sounds like the sellers want to lure you in some scheme. Those ears could turn away only at the sound of buy one get one free. TV ads, radio ads, personal marketing, could be rejected for that by many consumers.

Internet. Now here is a different story. You browse the Internet – you are the one in control. You can look after something specific, not for the sake of research, not just for getting something at half price, you look after a bargain that will help your budget and please your needs.

Having knowledge about all the deals of BOGO nature and picking what you really need at the price that make you smile, this is a very handy tool. And wouldn’t be even better if you can actually access a site containing all BOGO deals in your area nicely classified by type of product or service? One or two click away from buying toothpaste at half value of you usually pay, or one telephone with two units and having an extra one that you might install in the basement, or having the next haircut for free.

We are living now in a world of high-speed internet…. Having these deals quick to access and to buy them directly online, means that you are shopping on high-speed as well.

Of course not all the products that support these kinds of deals can be find or purchased using online shopping (fresh produce for example, or services, for a haircut you eventually need to go to a salon :-) ). However, the Internet is the easiest and quicker way to get in touch with great deals.

A couple of BOGO deals can be found here:

Mar 022012

What is bogomash? – an online hub for finding BOGO promotions (buy one get one free) or better! Now, what is better than a BOGO? A product that’s discounted more than 50% is even better than a BOGO!

We’re commited to find as many online deals as possible (BOGO or at lest 50% Off) and we’ll slowly add more and more deals from different internet retailers.

Happy shopping :-)